Subject spotted…

Jack Din spotted at The Spill, Tuesday evening, May 8, 2012.

He appeared fascinated by what he called “the video audio messing with mixers thing” presented by DJ Infected. I eavesdropped on a conversion he had with the artist. Jack told DJ Infected “how cool and fun it is to have outdoor sound and video events on the lawn of the AGP (Art Gallery of Peterborough).” Jack speculated that he “knows lots of other artists who would love to take part in a series of outdoor events over the summer”.

Jack Din very much enjoyed PandaCorn. “Two musicians, literally in a panda and a unicorn costume! They sit side by side and play quirky, arty tunes with the Panda on a lap guitar while the Unicorn jams on a microcord.” Jack is referring to the Moose-Jaw based duo, with singer/songwriter Megan Nash as the Unicorn, and Brodie Mohninger, drummer for Friend Friend as the Panda. “I love the playful vocal harmonies, and the costumes are really weird but oddly comforting.” He was heard to laugh several times during the performance.

This was starting to turn into quite a late night for me, but as Jack didn’t seem to be going anywhere, neither was I. Next up was Friend Friend. Jack noted the lanky bass man seemed to be very relaxed: in the opening song he was leaning against the wall as he played, and by the forth song, he was taking it easy, cross-legged on his own amp. “Listen to the bright, sparkling guitar, it’s tickling my ears!” Jack talked with guitar player Matt Froese and learned that he normally plays folk acoustic. “You ought to play electric more often, you are really good at it”, Jack was heard to exclaim. He had laugh when he thought the drummer was using brushes to play and on closer inspection, he was using maracas as sticks. “It’s like the Beach Boys crossed with a garage band.”

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