You may well wo…

You may well wonder why I am compiling reports on the activities of Jack Din, and why I am presenting the intelligence I’ve gathered in this forum.

The Doctoral Committee laughed at me.

They said it would never work, that it didn’t make any sense.

Follow just one subject, ONE art lover, and from there create a picture of the cultural output and activity of an entire region?

Madness! they said.

It’s so crazy, it might just work, say I.

I need your help.

I will publish a list of events I predict Jack Din will attend. Since the Bastards have cut my funding, I will rely on kind community members to help me with my research. Please attend the locations, and be ready with to record images of the performers and other key players. Make note of any other attendees who may be contacts of Jack. Jot down what he says about the event. Send the material to me and I will add it to my data.

More instructions will follow. They say I’ve cracked up, but I say, Jack Din is the KEY…

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